Should Non-Smokers Start Vaping?

Because vaping is seen as a safer alternative to smoking, many people who have never smoked are considering picking it up for a variety of reasons. They may see their friends vaping or hear about how much better it is for them than vaping. They may be allured by the variety of flavors on offer or some other benefit that vape users keep telling them about.

The question they need to ask themselves is whether it is a good idea for them to begin vaping at all. They need to be aware that there are risks to vaping, and it is not the harmless activity that many vaping proponents make it out to be. There are dangers to vaping, and vapers and non-vapers alike need to be made aware of these dangers.

First and foremost, consumers need to understand that the verdict is still out on vaping in a lot of ways. It has been researched to some extent, but not nearly to the same extent that smoking has. So, while we can say that it is safer than smoking, as far as we know, we also have to inform people of how dangerous it is and how it compares to smoking as far as risk level is concerned.This is something that we don’t know for sure. We haven’t been able to study long-term research on the effects of vaping, because research really hasn’t been going on that long for e-cigs.

We do know that there are some dangers. For instance, one study found that vape users were at greater risk for bladder cancer than non-smokers. In fact, the vast majority of vapers have carcinogenic cells in their bladders, which is a truly alarming fact it means that a lot of people are in danger of developing cancer and may not even know it. With more vape users than ever before, the cases of bladder cancer are likely to rise significantly over the next decade.

There is also the risk of nicotine addiction, as most of the e-liquid used in vaping contains nicotine. Nicotine is more than just addictive, however; it is also toxic. Inhaling it is not the only way to absorb its toxic effects. If the e-liquid comes into contact with your skin, and it contains nicotine, then it can cause a toxic reaction.

Nonsmokers should not look at vaping as a safe activity to take up. While it is safer than smoking, it is not free from potential risk,despite what many proponents say about the dangers involved, and consumers need to be aware of them.

However, someone who is currently smoking and looking for a safer alternative may want to consider vaping. It is an excellent way to step down from smoking and ramp down the nicotine levels to a safer concentration. Many people are actually quitting smoking altogether by vaping, and some have had more success in vaping as a quitting tool than they ever had by quitting cold turkey or using nicotine products that are designed to help ease people off their addiction.

So no, we cannot recommend vaping to those who have never smoked or vaping before. There is simply too much risk invoked and many of the long-term effects may not have been discovered yet. It is especially dangerous for pregnant or nursing mothers or the elderly, infirm or very young.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more people taking up this activity,that means the number of uniformed proponents is on the rise. Consumers have to be wary about anyone who tells them that there is no risk to vaping and that it is completely safe as an alternative to smoking. They need to get their information from an unbiased and educated source if they want to be sure they are getting an accurate assessment.